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Enjoy a night, the weekend (or longer!) with your family & friends in the outdoors.


Only 2 campsites with shared shower/toilet facilities. Basic booking capacity is up to 4 pax per campsite. Up to 2 additional guests allowed per campsite with a surcharge of RM50 per person per night.

You are welcome to explore the surroundings, please be respectful of property and neighbours - as this is agricultural land, please do not 'harvest' anything unless specifically allowed.


  • Shared 4.2m x 3 m Covered patio

  • Grassed areas for pitching tents, picnics, whatever you want!

  • Shared shower, wash-basin & toilet facilities.

  • Fantastic views of jungle & farm land

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Cabin Camp Front Jan 19.jpg


  • Private 2.4 x 2.4m covered patio.

  • Shared 4.2 x 3 m Covered patio

  • Grassed area (approx 2.5m x 5m) for pitching tents, picnics, etc.

  • Shared Shower, wash-basin & toilet facilities.

  • Fantastic views of jungle & farm land

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Our camp sites are a BYO (Bring Your Own) concept: tents, bedding, food, towels - whatever you need to be comfortable.

There are many food establishments (from hotels to roadside stalls) in Kg Sum Sum, Janda Baik and Bukit Tinggi area to cater for all tastes.

We promote responsible tourism - take your rubbish with you.


Access is via kampung (village) road, then uphill on a natural/gravel road. The road is quite steep, unless you have a 4x4, you will need to park at the bottom of our hill (before the gate) and walk up (take a country stroll! ;o)


There are farm animals on our property which you are welcome to see. As we are a practicing organic farm, No feeding of the farm animals

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